Drop Dead: Remains gets updated (to v1.3.2!)

Drop Dead: Remains (inside Drop Dead Collection) gets updated to v1.3.2. Here's what's new:

v1.3.2 (24-Dec-2023) "Krampus is back!"

- fixed level rating to work again

- the game tried to apply hinge joints and proprty modifiers to camera waypoints

- property modifier can now make objects static

- added property modifier 2 that can make objects destroyable with a gunshot,

  change damage multiplier, and change gunshot damage

- gunshot damages now non-pickable objects

- gunshot doesn't destroy bottles any more (use now property modifier 2 for that)

- bullet sources can be made non-static (so attach them with hinge joints to objects)

- jiller's projectile moves now 50% faster and obeys gravity

- world's min and max x and y (the limit after which objects disappear) can be

  changed in level settings

- added pull duration (frames) into level settings

- added "alternative real life monsters" option to preferences. this will change the

  names, decriptions and faces of real life monsters for those who don't care about


- updated Halloween and normal Wishi's head graphics, added Christmas skin for Wishi

- Jeremiah's tongue and Davey's fishing line ignore now camera waypoints, but are

  affected by invisible objects

- added new food items: carrot, gingerbread man, gingerbread star

- added x-flipping to candies, and new candies: Christmas candy, candy cane

More updates later...

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