Drop Dead: Remains gets updated (to v1.2.11!)

Drop Dead: Remains (inside Drop Dead Collection) gets updated to v1.2.11. Here's what's new:

v1.2.11 (23-Dec-2022) "Christmassacre"

- added four pine tree branches to deco sprites (shift+9 in the editor)

- added a new exploding fly: bomb fly (shift+2 in the editor)

- added a gift box (2 in the editor)

- added a fireworks rocket (2 in the editor)

- added a new food object: mouldy bread that when eaten turns character's special skill into sharts

- added two new characters by paint_turtle: Paint Turtle and Ragrinnan

- added a new character by Nick: Knight

- added five screams to PLAY SFX trigger.

- added a new Christmas face for Vincent.

- added a new trigger (JUMP SCARE) with three pictures and three effects. use this with PLAY SFX

  trigger to create jump scares.

- added a new trigger (CHANGE SCREEN OVERLAY) with four modes (9 in the editor)

- added a special skill for Sadissimo

- added adjustable gas to rocket, rocket head and spear rocket

- added demon killer bees to beehive

- killer fly-bee mutant and fly names are now shown

- beefly deals 50% less damage than other flies

- pressing e or c keys while the game is paused doesn't do anything any more

- if URL box or color selector was open and the user clicked on main menu button under menu

  then those boxes/windows would remain on screen

- unlocking heart, eyes, liver and kidney makes now the unlocking sound

- killer bees avoid Angry Turd, but Angry Turd and turds in general attract flies

- killer bees and flies have now limited vision/smell

- big optimizations to fly and killer bee AI

- Little Worm has now a hard hat to protect his weak head

- when deleting an object in the editor colliding objects don't fall down any more

- fixed broken SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT trigger

- free saws are always textured regardless of the texturing settings

- axe, chainsaw and swords should now behave a little bit better

- Vincent and Elementus drop now only one eye

- every ragdoll has now two kidneys

More updates later...

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