Drop Dead: Remains gets updated (to v1.2.14!)

Drop Dead: Remains (inside Drop Dead Collection) gets updated to v1.2.14. Here's what's new:

v1.2.14 (18-Mar-2023) "Suddenly Better"

- ACTIVATE WHEN A SLAVE OBJ IS HIT trigger could give infinitely points when it was used

  with a ragdoll and a part of the ragdoll was destroyed

- added a new type to ACTIVATE WHEN TIME... trigger: "activate when time changes to", for single activations

- added a new trigger (ACTIVATE WHEN TIMER ZERO), which runs when it's not ghosted, use to create

  time sensitive events and e.g., escape rooms with a time limit

- added a new trigger (ADD TO TIMER) that can be used to add or subtract time from a running


- ragdolls' accessories (hats, swords... ) obey now ghosting and invisibility

- when the player drowns now also jumps and bullets are reset to zero, not just pulls

- when in golf mode the golf ball is in the ball pit bullets are now also reset to zero

More updates later...

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