Drop Dead: Remains gets updated (to v1.2.15!)

Drop Dead: Remains (inside Drop Dead Collection) gets updated to v1.2.15. Here's what's new:

v1.2.15 (11-Jul-2023) "Early Summer Update"

- killer fly-bee mutants, flies and butterflies work now properly when the level has no gravity.

- instead of vomiting blood when decapitated, Vincent now sprays blood from the neck

- gift box shows "inherit scale" property only in the editor now

- water doesn't affect ghosts any more

- changing the color of an object doesn't wake up colliding bodies any more

- increased the friction of the bodies of spears, swords, axes and knives

- removed unused time setting from MOVE TO TARGET triggers


- hats come off only when the head turns into a skull

- we don't try to reset a deleted trigger after it's been activated thus avoiding a crash

- made Paint Turtle less bouncy

- movie borders don't cover up continue button any more when using MOVE CAMERA TO TARGET and

  SHOW PICTURE triggers at the same time

- having a hat on doesn't block loose heads from spraying blood

- when opening a level in the editor in edit mode all objects are now put to sleep,

  including bats, cranks, minions and mannequins...

- hitting a static generic box with big restitution shouldn't give negative points any more

- MOVE TRIGGER TO TARGET trigger has now a mode where movement ends when the 1st trigger reaches

  the target

- MOVE TO TARGET trigger has now a mode where movement ends when the 1st object reaches

  the target

- fixed a possible crash in Test.cleanUp()

- added the following cannons from Drop Dead: Cannon: fire bomb, time bomb, anti-matter,

  super ball, bubble and thruster

- head popper potion doesn't make hats fall off

- Paint Turtle has a special skin on his birthday (6th of August)

- fixed chainsaw issues: moving forward didn't work with x-flipped sprite, body gave the damage the

  blade was supposed to give and vice versa

- it's possible to activate head goals with loose heads that have hats on

- invulnerability potion now removes the burning status from a ragdoll (not Vincent)

- breakable balls, triangles and boxes and soft wood balls, triangles and boxes and gift boxes

  with 0% health don't break immediately and they don't break when in the editor

- added options to ignore mouse clicks and pulls to saws, fragile saws, free saws, bats, cranks, cogwheels,

  rotating balls, christmas tree star, rotating triangles, rotating boxes, cars and carts with motors

- added a new trigger (STOP/RELEASE CAMERA)

- moving or cloning a free saw in the editor doesn't reset the motor to off any more

More updates later...

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